Using Music Therapy to help you find a clear path to success.


Music is a non-invasive, safe and unique way to address overall wellness and individual goals. Inherent in the music are many qualities that can be used therapeutically to promote personal growth in the areas of social, emotional, psychological, physiological, and cognitive functions.  


To meet these needs we provide the following:


Consultation – To organizations that are considering adding music therapy to their existing programs or need additional information about music therapy and its benefits.  We consult with clinicians, administrators, teachers and staff about specific goals and how music therapy can enhance the overall program.


Presentations – Designed to meet the needs of the organization, presentations are provided to the community in the following formats:

In-service- designed for specific staff needs

Seminar – lecture, handout, and research based information

Workshop – lecture with some experiential components



Contractual – quality on-going direct services to individuals, schools and/or community groups


Populations:                Focus on the following skills but not limited to:

Public Schools:

  • Communication
  • Academics
  • Motor
  • Emotional
  • Inclusion
  • Social


Mental Health/ Wellness:

  • Emotional heath
  • Pain management
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Social Isolation
  • Memory
  • Grief/Loss